Rebecca MacLean, B.A.

Rebecca is a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology (MACP) practicum student from Yorkville University working under the supervision of Amy Wiens. Prior to becoming a MACP student, Rebecca worked with children and adolescents as an educational assistant and as an ESL teacher. Rebecca’s main theoretical orientations are client-centred, solution-focused, and narrative therapies with the flexibility for accommodating the needs of each client. Her client base includes children, adolescents, and young adults starting from the age of 7 and up.

Rebecca enters the field of mental health seeking to support the growing need for mental health and provide a safe and encouraging space to clients in need of personal, empathetic care. She empathizes with the challenges experienced by school or workplace harassment, children of divorce, interpersonal conflicts, and the unique circumstances which may cause someone stress or heartache. Rebecca always provides a safe and welcoming space for her clients, offering compassion, positive regard, and empathic understanding. She incorporates empirically backed practices into her sessions to help clients recognize their own strengths and resources, deconstruct preconceived narratives, and identify personal ambitions.

After graduating from St. Francis Xavier University with a BA majoring in Psychology, Rebecca lived abroad for a summer before starting the MACP program at Yorkville University.

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