Family Counselling

Finding a Family Counsellor in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Family Counselling Halifax: Get the guidance and help you need with your family dynamics.

Family counselling takes place when families need guidance dealing with a poor family dynamic or when there is a particular family member causing some form of distress to the family unit. (This could be due to a psychological issue that one member is facing and how it affects the whole family). Family counselling can work with the whole family or sometimes just a few members of the family. It is also a process that families can use to help build better tools for connecting with each other and processing past hurts.

Crossroads also offers unique family counselling services in Halifax to families by offering in-home assessments, counselling and coaching. This service is beneficial to those families in need of parenting help in the areas of discipline, boundaries and behaviour modification. It is also helpful to those in need of guidance with ADHD structures that would help organize their home.  In this process, the psychologist meets with the parent(s) to get information on the situation. Then the psychologist would go into the home to assess the family ‘in action’, followed by hands-on guidance to help the client(s) implement the necessary behaviours for change. Sometimes a session in the office of a psychologist is all that is needed; however, follow-through is what creates change and some find the follow-through very difficult. As many clients have stated they wished they had the helper there to show them and intervene with them until they feel confident in the newly learned tools, Crossroads offers this as an available service.

Finding family counselling help in Halifax can be difficult. We offer extended hours and free parking. As well, our location is convenient for people from throughout the Halifax area, particularly those who would prefer to avoid the challenges of finding and paying for parking.