Amy Wiens, M.A.

Principal, Registered Psychologist

Amy Wiens

Amy uses an integrative counselling approach with her clients, drawing on empirically supported methods while still having the ability to tailor sessions and treatment for her clients.

Amy has extensive experience working with couples dealing with marital and relational issues, ranging from communication, handling conflict, emotional disconnect and the hardship of infidelity to name a few. Her systemic style of working with families helps build a strong bond between family members while exploring some potential root causes of discord. Amy also has a keen interest in working with parents on the many facets of parenting, ranging from a need for behavioural modification to appropriate and tested methods for raising children of character, integrity and respect. Amy not only deals with couples and families but individuals as well, starting from as young as 15 onward. She treats people with adjustment and mood disorders as well as anxiety, self-esteem, personal growth, stress/burnout, grief, and those dealing with separation and divorce.

Amy holds a Honors degree in Psychology from Saint Mary’s University as well as a Master’s degree from Trinity Western University with a speciality in marriage and family therapy. Her education paired with her deep desire to see individuals, couples and families living more congruent, authentic and meaningful lives makes her an ideal choice for clients wishing to work through their current life situations.

Common treatment modalities that Amy gravitates to are: Emotionally Focused (EFT), Cognitive Behavioural (CBT), Interpersonal, Systems, and parts of mindfulness.

Amy Wiens