Emotions are a healthy part of living

Recently someone had asked me if you get more emotional as you get older. I’m sure there could be truth to this idea, but the thing was, this individual was going through some very normal emotions given their current life situation. They had been exposed to ongoing stress for awhile and reported feeling tearful often, sad and unlike themselves. This individual was typically a very happy, cheerful person. Having self-disclosed as not being used to dealing with many difficult emotions in their lives they found themselves wondering what was wrong with them at this time. Truth be told, there was not a single thing wrong with them. They were facing life difficulties and having to learn and adapt to their newly found emotions. Having to learn how to soothe themselves and ask for help when needed and having to become more comfortable with the outward expressions of emotions that would just show up, unannounced.

The thing with this story is that it is a common one. Many of us haven’t been shown how to handle and process our emotions in a healthy way. The fact is, emotions make many of us uncomfortable and scared; even when what we are feeling makes sense given our life situation.

My hope is that we realize emotions are a healthy part of living. Learning how to embrace our emotions so we can process them properly and having helpful tools to utilize when needed could benefit us all. I hope if you are reading this and can relate to this story you will realize there is nothing ‘wrong’ with you, but in fact, you are a healthy person, feeling emotions you probably need to be feeling. Reach out, ask for help if you need to, and give yourself permission to feel, growth will come from it!


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