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Saying no (in business)

the most successful businesses are crystal clear about who they serve, what value they provide and what that value is worth to their target customers

Mom Guilt

This post is for all the moms (parents) out there that find themselves experiencing the seemingly never- ending emotion of ‘mom guilt’. Why are so many moms bombarded with a feeling of guilt, the ‘I can’t seem to get it right’ feeling that I…

Attachment Styles

The type of attachment you began to develop as a child impacts your relationship today. The good news is, by understanding it, you can become healthier and more secure in your relationship. Every week I work with couples as they try to navigate through…

The New Warriors

Mental Illness and Professional Sports Professional sports are a warriors game. Players do whatever it takes to gain an advantage. There are those who physically intimidate, others who mentally agitate and some who do both to attempt to unsettle their opponent. In the NBA,…

Emotions are a healthy part of living

Recently someone had asked me if you get more emotional as you get older. I’m sure there could be truth to this idea, but the thing was, this individual was going through some very normal emotions given their current life situation. They had been…

Psychological & Business Consulting Services?

One question we have been asked as we have been developing this practice is why we would merge psychological services and business consulting services. It is a great question. Typically, the two worlds don’t mix. However, the crossroads, or decision points we face in…


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